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RTL Category Image Portable Traffic Lights are used to manage traffic flow in temporary traffic control situations instead of staff operating Stop/ Go paddles. RTL offer two models the MPB 3200 and the MPB 4000. Both models are traffic activated and fully compliant to NZTA CoPTTM Specifications.

Why Use MPB Portable Traffic Lights?

Increased Safety:
- Increased safety in lieu of manual traffic controllers
- Dependable German technology
- Reliable performance of the lights

Save Time & Money:
- High cost savings compared to manual traffic controllers
- 24 hrs/day operation (if required)
- Easy set up
- Low maintenance


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RTL MPB 4000 Portable Traffic Lights

Compliant to AS 4191 – 1994 and listed in the Register of Approved Traffic Signal Systems in the COPTTM Technical Note, our RTL Portable Traffic Lights offer reliable operation and easy transportation...
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MPB 3200 Portable Traffic Lights

MPB 3200 Portable Traffic Lights are vehicle actuated and fully comply with NZTA CoPTTM and AS/NZS 4191:1994 standards. They are used to control one-way alternating traffic only (not 3 or 4 way in...
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