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Electronic Warning Signs (EWS)

Permanently displayed static roadsigns have proven to be ineffective over long periods of time for drivers passing the same sign regularly. Electronic Warning Signs (EWS) incorporate flashing lights and LED components which are displayed when a motor vehicle is detected approaching the location of a particular hazard using the built in radar sensor.

The activation of the LED Sign draws the drivers' attention to the hazard ahead allowing the driver to react accordingly. EWS Signs provide a safer environment for workers, drivers, road users of other modes of transport and pedestrians.

Features & Benefits

LED Technology
Low power consumption and durable light source

Inbuilt radar sensor
Critical component of the sign can’t be stolen

Flexible power sources
Can be solar or mains powered

Vehicle Activated
Only illuminates when vehicle approaches, saving power and making it relevant when it needs to be.

Two Stage Activation
Hazard symbol activates on approach of vehicle. Additional message SLOW DOWN activates upon excess speed providing additional feedback to the driver so they can react accordingly.

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