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Flexi Guide 300 (FG 300) Delineator

We have two standard models the UR and the EFX posts. The FG 300 Model UR and EFX are both made from polyurethane, the toughest flexible polymer on the market today. Polyurethane provides high tensile and elongation properties, with superior resistance to tearing and puncture. The polymer maintains its flexibility to -46°C, and its toughness during exposure to fuels, oils and grease. Polyurethane is simply the material of choice for “can’t fail” applications.

The urethane polymer alloys used in the FG 300 Models UR & EFX absorb impact far better than polyethylene, allowing these posts to sustain numerous hits at high speed. A longer lasting post is a safer post for your roadways. FG 300s are rated to 50 impacts at 96kmph

- Low maintenance system with super-tough polyurethane upright posts
- Both curb sections and upright posts impact tested
- Curb sections molded with solid color throughout, no painting required
- Internal radial rib structure of curbs supports 10,000 pounds of loading
- Underside of the curb has been designed to allow passage of water
- Curb sections install in just minutes with one person
- Design allows for circular or curved installations
- No moving parts to replace, no metal parts
- Curbs covered by 5-year pro-rated warranty
- Entire system tested & NCHRP 350 Approved!
- Interlock Modular design to give you one solid line of delineation

FG 300 EFX
The Model EFX represents a breakthrough in urethane chemistry. This post is 65% stronger than our Model UR, with increased resistance to tearing and greater stiffness translates to the toughest post you can buy, suitable for the most challenging installations on your roadways. The post is strong enough to support an array of vertical panels for increases visibility and directional information.

FG 300 UR
The FG 300 Model UR has become the industry standard for toughness, impact resistance and long-lasting performance. The FG 300 UR has been developed to meet the rigorous demands of high-speed, 2-way, 2-lane operations. The UR post greatly improves safety by reducing the time workers have to spend in the roadway maintaining channelizing devices.

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