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Slim-Pro Edge Marker Post

RTL’s Edge Marker Posts (EMP’s) are designed to delineate NZ’s State Highways in accordance with the NZTA Specifications.

The Slim-Pro has been designed to provide increased rigidity whilst still providing maximum performance to ensure it is capable of self right immediately after impact by a vehicle. The built in barb allows for better ground retention and also assists in flexibility and performance. It has also been designed with a High UV resistance to stop cracking or splitting in NZ conditions.

Does your Marker Post comply to NZTA Specificaitons?
Yes, Our Marker posts are fully tested to meet all requirements of the specification.

What is the Standard height of a marker post?
To comply, the minimum height required is 1.4 metres or 1400mm.

Do Marker Posts have to meet a Durability Standard?
Yes, all components must be made from materials able to resist weather and seasonal effects of New Zealand’s climate for a period of at least 10 years.

Can I tell how old my marker posts are?
Yes, all marker posts must show, the manufacturers name, model and date of manufacture, which enables you to know how old they are.

How do they perform in cold weather?
RTL’s Marker Posts have passed the required cold resistance tests for fracturing, cracking or splitting.

How good is the reflective material?
We used HI Reflective High Intensity prismatic sheeting (HIP) which also carries a 10 year warranty.

Refer to NZTA Specifications:
TNZ M/14: Edge Marker Posts
TNZ P/16: Edge Marker Post Installations
TNZ C/18: Maintenance of edge marker posts

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