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Island Curb Delineator

The Island Curb Delineator is a low-cost safety solution designed to improve the visibility of raised islands, median noses, pedestrian refuges and roundabouts. The exceptional retro-reflectivity of the Island Curb Delineator provides a clear visual cue to the motorist of the full-radius of raised medians, reducing accidents and improving safety.

The Island Curb Delineator is made out of 100% polyurethane and has a highly visible, 25mm retro reflective yellow or white strip. The base has pre-cut notches so the delineator can conform to meet almost any geometry including straight line, wide arc, narrow arc, or even in a full circle.

Features & Benefits
- Visible: Continuous ribbon of reflectivity
- Simple: Prime, peel & stick application
- Practical: Low-cost safety solution
- Flexible: Notched foot so unit can match curvature
- Durable: UV-stable flexible polyurethane for long life
- Versatile: Used on a number of traffic applications

- Raised Islands
- Bull noses
- Bridge Approaches
- Reduced Width
- Roundabouts
- Median noses
- Pedestrian refuges
- Other similar roadway features

Two Colours Available / RTL Codes:
- Yellow: MO25 01
- White: MO25 02

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Available Colours
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