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Energy Absorbing Bollards (EAB)

Energy Absorbing Bollards (EABs) are designed to save lives. They are used to prevent vehicles entering into 'no go' zones without restricting pedestrian access. The EABs are ideal for outdoor dining areas, highly populated pedestrian areas, footpaths, shared paths and other public spaces.

EABs can be used to protect high value assets, government buildings, airports and other commercial premises by preventing unauthorised vehicular access and provide protection against ram raids or out of control vehicles.

Key Uses:
Asset Protection
Outdoor Dining Protection
Asset Protection
Work zone Protection

Features & Benefits:
• Significantly reduce injuries and risk of fatalities
• Protect and define valuable or high density areas
• Ideal for limited space applications
• Cost-effective compared to other crash rated solutions
• Coloured, removable & retractable options also available
• Simple and easy to install

How do EABs work?
Energy Absorbing Bollards comply to test criteria AS/NZS 3845:1999. They are classified as a non re-directive crash attenuator, engineered to arrest a 1600kg errant motor vehicle travelling at 60 kph. The patented CARTRIDGE absorbs energy, safely decelerating the vehicle and thus protecting the occupants, your asset or potentially your life.

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