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Speed Cushions & Pedestrian Crossings

We offer recycled rubber, modular speed cushion and pedestrian crossing solutions, designed so that you can create the size that suits your needs.

They are simple and quick to install and they can be easily removed for road resurfacing or relocated to other locations. Unlike asphalt and concrete options which are destroyed during removal, the recycled rubber options are simply removed and reinstalled.

- Modular design
- Completely customizable to suit the size you need
- Simple & cost effective installation
- Removable & re-useable
- Manufactured from recycle rubber

Speed Cushions:
Speed cushions are a tried and proven traffic calming device and our recycled rubber cushion is designed to reduce accidents, lower speeds and reduce noise. The modular design allows you to create your desired length, and the sections inter-lock and are secured underneath to form
a robust, long lasting speed cushion.

- Available in left and right hand sections
- 4 sections (2 x left & 2 x right) make up a 1.6m wide speed
cushion, with a 2 metre travel distance
- Each section weights 50kgs
- Different middle sections also available

Pedestrian Crossings:
The pedestrian crossings can also be constructed to any length and width as each modular piece is 500mm x 500mm and 75mm high.

They are made up of square mid sections with ramp and corner sections again these section interlock to give you a robust and long lasting crossing.

Available sections: Corner section, middle sections (white or black) and ramp sections.

Each section is 500mm x 500mm and 75mm high

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